Puma Men’s Team Socks

Published in Detail Review on 23rd December 2018

Puma Men's Team SocksProduct Introduction

The equipments and gear required for soccer are much less than most of the other sports. However, it is important to wear correct uniform for the game to play with dedication. Right type of footwear and socks help a player throughout the game and even post the game. The idea of wearing specially devised soccer socks is to keep the foot light for allowing the feet perform a range of movements that are possible. It even offers highest levels of comfort for the complete 90 minutes duration of the game. Soccer socks are made out of special combination of materials viz. cotton, synthetic, nylon and others. The length of the soccer socks reaches the knee. They should protect the feet from more than required level of friction with the cleats. The socks should be able to cover the shin guards. Puma Men’s Team Socks come ingrained with all the features that are required to play a good game of soccer.

Product Details

Puma Soccer SocksPuma Men’s Team Socks are perfect for the game, training sessions and even practice. The socks are specially designed for professionals who desire highest levels of comfort while playing the game. Puma Men’s Team Socks feature mesh insert on the area that reaches the calf. This feature enables maximum breathability to the calf of the players. Further, the socks feature elasticized brace that is meant for offering maximum support to the ankle. For the lovers of Puma brand, the soccer socks feature the Puma Cat logo on the lower front of the product. In order to meet the guidelines, Puma Men’s Team Socks are knee length in size. The materials of the soccer socks comprise a mix of nylon and spandex wherein nylon is 97% and spandex 3%. Puma Soccer socks are available in x-small size for 13-3, small for 3.5-6, medium for 7-9 and large for 10-12. Available in a variety of colors and styles, they can be easily matched to the uniform by the soccer players.


Puma Soccer Socks For Men'sPuma Men’s Team Socks is one of the world class sportswear brands. It is known for offering a range of high quality premium sportswear to the players around the world. Puma Soccer socks are specially designed for the soccer athletes who wish to experience extreme comfort without any stress on the ankle during the game. The soccer socks weigh just 2 pounds and are very light in weight. They are such manufactured that players need not take much trouble as they can be machine washed. Puma Soccer socks are available in a variety of solid colors. They are unisex. Featuring moisture wicking, the socks help keep the foot of the players dry and comfortable during the game. They are the most preferred soccer gear among the sportspersons. Puma soccer socks offer a great fit to the players. The colors of the soccer socks stay true even after many washes. They justify the price and hence, are affordable. Puma Soccer Socks are ergonomically designed, keeping in mind the comfort and convenience that the players require during the game. Hence, they are a perfect fit.


Puma Men’s Team Socks are of the right length and material. They are designed to match the highest levels of required comfort by the soccer players during the game. The socks are used by the players around the world and are not known to cause any kind of discomfort or inconvenience to the players. Hence, they are no disadvantages of using the socks.


Puma is the most preferred soccer socks brand around the world. The socks are designed especially for the soccer players and hence, feature among the most preferred choice of the seasoned soccer players.


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