Adidas Metro III Soccer Sock

Published in Detail Review on 22nd December 2018

Adidas Metro III Soccer SockProduct Introduction

There are numerous sports that are pursued with great zeal, passion and professionalism across the world. Sports like cricket, soccer, football, baseball, hockey, swimming, etc…, are very well renowned and played in almost every country. It is very important to possess the right amount of accessories for playing any sport. For example: In swimming, it is essential to wear in the right swim wear to swim across in a technical and swift manner. Similarly, it is very important to mark every accessory well before stepping ahead for any sports. Sports brands like Adidas, Puma, Nike, Reebok, etc…, are very well known for their sports products and accessories. The recent FIFA world Cup 2014 left the people all the more crazy for soccer. Kids, children, youth and even adults are going in for playing soccer. It is essential to get in the right soccer socks for playing it.

Adidas Metro III Soccer Sock manufactures socks that are simply ideal and efficient for playing it. These soccer socks are classic in style and looks. Ideally made for both men and women, Adidas Metro III Soccer Sock is available in different colors and patterns. This gives a great scope for players to choose the one matching with their overall look. Adidas has added a great touch of comfort and ease for players. Ideal to support full 90 minutes through the game, Adidas Metro III Soccer Sock supports the spirit and effort of player throughout the match. Adidas Metro III Soccer Sock is an official soccer sock of few international soccer teams.

Product Details

Soccer Socks: Adidas Metro IIIAdidas Metro III Soccer Sock gives in a great amount of relief and comfort to the player. Known for its versatile styling, color combination and comfort, Adidas Metro III Soccer Sock is just the right soccer socks. After wearing this sock, the player simply plays like a storm on the soccer field. Actively facing every situation, the player is at great comfort during the match. Adidas has introduced his Adidas Metro III Soccer Sock with flat knit leg and cushioning foot bed support. The flat knit leg enables the feel on both the sides of field. Cushioning foot bed support gives in great relief to ankle and arch. It maximizes durability and comfort greatly. It prepares and pushes the player to give his best shot. Adidas Metro III Soccer Sock assists the feet completely and aids in kicking it at its best. With a flat knit construction, the player can be assured of the feel. As far as make is concerned, Adidas Metro III Soccer Sock comprises of 98% nylon and 2% Lycra spandex which makes it soft and comfortable while playing. Moreover, the sweat is absorbed in a way that it does not make the player feel wet and irritated. These soccer socks are available in different styles namely, METROXS, METROSM, METROMD, METROLG. The soccer sock is available in different sizes as well that is, extra small, small, medium and large. With a wide variety of color options to choose from, the players can easily choose amongst different colors, thus matching to their overall dressing.


Adidas Soccer Socks: Metro III1. Adidas Metro III Soccer Sock is an excellent soccer sock from a renowned and reliable brand Adidas.


2. It weighs at only 4 ounces. Hence it makes it quite light and wearable.


3. The socks are available in wide color variety. Hence players can select their desirable one.


4. Adidas Metro III Soccer Sock is made up of 98% nylon and 2% Lycra spandex. This ensures the socks to be soft in texture for player. It would not bring any irritation to skin.


5. Adidas Metro III Soccer Sock is resistant to sweat. Hence it easily absorbs sweat throughout the 90 minutes match. The player need not feel the need to change it.


6. With the flat knit leg support, the feel on both the sides of the field continues. The arch and ankle are well supported with Adidas Metro III Soccer Sock.


There is no scope of disadvantage.


Adidas Metro III Soccer Sock is great for playing soccer. Unlike other soccer socks, it too has every feature that is required for playing soccer.


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