Adidas Metro II Soccer Sock

Published in Detail Review on 25th December 2018

Adidas Metro II Soccer SockProduct Introduction

Soccer is one of the most recognized and played sports in the whole world. It brings in a great amount of pride and zeal to several nations who succeed in playing soccer matches. Soccer is commonly known as football. It is enjoyed by one and all. Not only youth but even kids, children and senior citizens enjoy it with great pride. Soccer is a recognized sport in almost every country. FIFA is the governing association of football that conducts soccer World cup matches. The recent FIFA World Cup 2014 that was held in Brazil witnessed the involvement of millions of people around the world. Social networking sites too were flooded with major conversations about soccer match and other related updates. Soccer is played with the help of a soccer ball. Apart from the soccer ball, it is very essential to load in with the right accessories. In order to play perfectly, players should wear in the right type of soccer socks. Since the game is played only with feet, it needs to be capable of meeting up different pressures and shocks. The feet, ankle, toe and calf muscles of the players should be covered and cushioned appropriately. There are several sports brands that manufacture appropriate soccer socks.

Adidas Metro II Soccer Sock” is a versatile offering by Adidas. Exclusively made for men, this soccer sock gives in appropriate support and hold to the player. It enables the player to meet up any surprising situation with great comfort and ease. The soccer match spans till 90 minutes and it is really challenging for players to withstand that time with accurate stamina and support.

Product Details

soccer socks - Adidas' Metro IIAdidas Metro II Soccer Sock is just not an accessory in a soccer match; instead it is an asset for the soccer players. Players feel great relief after wearing this sock. Adidas Metro II Soccer Sock ranges upto knee length. This protects the toes, feet, ankle, arch and calf areas of players while kicking and tossing the ball from player to player. It is very essential for a soccer sock to be perfect enough to give great cushioning and feel to the player. Hence an arch compression support is there in Adidas Metro II Soccer Sock which brings great relief and ease in playing. It protects the sides of the feet from cramps and jerks. The cuff can be easily folded down for desirable length as well. The designing of Adidas Metro II Soccer Sock is made in a way that it gives complete support and rest to the player’s feet. There is a flat knit top in this soccer sock as well for facilitating a better feel and ease to the player. The footbed of Adidas Metro II Soccer Sock is cushioned. Hence the arch is safely protected. The brand mark of Adidas is printed on the foot area. The soccer sock is made up of 98% nylon and 2% natural latex. This in a way provides in complete softness to the player. Adidas Metro II Soccer Sock is available in a wide range of color options. Hence, the player can choose the desirable one. It is 2 ounces in weight. Hence, the player would not feel any heaviness while playing soccer.


Soccer Sock with Adidas' Metro II1. Adidas Metro II Soccer Sock has made a recognized mark in the category of soccer socks.


2. With great presence and name in sports and fitness industry, Adidas emerges to be an authentic brand.


3. The sock ways at 2 ounces. This makes it very light in weight.


4. Adidas Metro II Soccer Sock is made up of 98% nylon and 2% natural latex. Hence it would be easy for them to play.


5. With flat knit top, players can very well play soccer with a great feel.


6. The footbed is supported with the cushion which enables the arch to stay in comfort.


7. Adidas Metro II Soccer Sock is available in different colors. Hence, players can choose the one best for them.


There is no scope of disadvantage.


Adidas Metro II Soccer Sock is an ideal soccer sock for players. By wearing this, one can indeed experience a versatile playing experience.


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