Adidas Copa Zone Cushion Sock

Published in Detail Review on 27th December 2018

Adidas Copa Zone Cushion SockProduct Introduction

Sports play a vital role in the growth and development of individuals. It is very essential to pursue sports as fun, hobby or professionally. Sports help the person in remaining fit and sound along with time. There are numerous sports like cricket, badminton, swimming, squash, basketball, baseball, soccer, etc…, that not only brings in fun to the body but it also aids a person to achieve fitness at a supreme level. In order to play any of these, it becomes essential to equip the right accessories. Out of several games, soccer has become very popular in current times. After the completion of FIFA World Cup 2014, people have become crazy for soccer. It is very essential to check the accessories well before stepping ahead for learning soccer. Soccer socks are very essential along with soccer shoes. Brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma, etc…,. have excelled in manufacturing sports equipments and accessories.

Adidas manufactures efficient, high end and technically sound accessories. “Adidas Copa Zone Cushion Sock” is a renowned soccer socks manufactured by Adidas. It is essential for socks to be a comfortable one. In case of any uncomfortable situation, the player might face its repercussions while playing. Adidas Copa Zone Cushion Sock is capable of withstanding 90 minutes of rigorous and sweating soccer session. The soccer socks have been attributed with the title of an ideal soccer sock at every level for playing soccer. Light in weight and sweat resistant, several international players go in for wearing Adidas Copa Zone Cushion Sock only.

Product Details

Adidas Copa Zone SocksAdidas Copa Zone Cushion Sock has been regarded as the best one for playing soccer. It is equipped with every feature required for playing soccer. Weighing at 4 ounces, the soccer socks gives out a very relieving feeling to the player while the 90 minutes struggle is on. The player should not compromise upon the quality of soccer socks. Adidas Copa Zone Cushion Sock is made up of ClimaLite construction which is an ideal quality standard for soccer socks. ClimaLite also ensures a feeling of lightness while the socks are intact for 90 minutes. With perfect fitting, Adidas Copa Zone Cushion Sock enables an excellent and amazing ball touch along with moisture wicking capability. The toe cooling feature in the socks gives additional ventilation while playing. While the game is on, it is essential for leg to absorb shock on a regular basis. Adidas Copa Zone Cushion Sock enables the player to face and absorb this shock. The feet and arch are the crucial ones. Hence Adidas Copa Zone Cushion Sock gives a perfect and accurate support at the arch and ankle of the player. Before entering the playground, it is advisable to wear Adidas Copa Zone Cushion Sock and then play soccer. Adidas Copa Zone Cushion Sock is synthetic in texture wherein there is 98% Nylon and 2% Lycra spandex. The socks are easily washable and can support machine wash as well. The soccer socks are available in a size from 9 to 13 for men and 10 to 12 for women soccer players.


Adidas: Copa Zone Cushion Sock1. Adidas Copa Zone Cushion Sock comprises of every quality for playing soccer.


2. Weighing at just 4 ounces, Adidas Copa Zone Cushion Sock is very light in weight.


3. The socks are made up of ClimaLite construction. It aids in lightning the socks along with a great fitting.


4. Adidas Copa Zone Cushion Sock is resistant to sweat. Hence it easily absorbs sweat throughout the 90 minutes match. The player need not feel the need to change it.


5. Adidas Copa Zone Cushion Sock is made up of 98% nylon and 2% Lycra spandex. This ensures the socks to be soft in texture for player. It would not bring any irritation to skin.


6. Adidas Copa Zone Cushion Sock can be easily washed in machine without any damage to the material.


There is no scope of disadvantage.


Adidas Copa Zone Cushion Sock is an ideal one for playing soccer. Adidas, as a brand is quite old and renowned one. Hence, they would never sell anything just for the sake of brand name. Hence, Adidas Copa Zone Cushion Sock is ideally suited for playing.


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