Adidas 3-Stripes II Soccer Sock

Published in Detail Review on 26th December 2018

Soccer Sock: Adidas 3-Stripes IIProduct Introduction

Sports accessories play a vital role in successful performance by the person. There are numerous sports that are pursued at professional as well as self learning levels. Cricket, Badminton, Tennis, Table tennis, baseball, soccer, hockey, football, cycling, etc…, have several sports accessories attached to it. Apart from the balls, sticks, etc…, it is very essential for players to dress properly and wear technically sound and efficient socks and shoes. Socks and shoes form the basis in majority of sports. In sports like soccer, football, hockey, etc…, wherein match timings are way longer, it becomes essential for players to wear appropriate socks and shoes. The game of soccer has advanced greatly with time. The passion for it is never dying and never ending. Soccer is loved to such an extent that it is played by kids, children, youth and by adults as well. While playing soccer, the player should ensure to wear a right soccer sock. It greatly influences and impacts the performance of the person. There are several brands that manufacture sports equipments. They are Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, etc…, Each one of them manufactures soccer socks.

Adidas 3-Stripes II Soccer Sock is a renowned one from Adidas. With this soccer sock, the player is all set and geared up to accept any challenge on the field. The sock technically and practically prepares the player to face any situation. The sock is knee high in length. It covers the ankle, arch, toes, feet and calf muscles appropriately for facilitating support and eliminating any physical risk while playing soccer.

Product Details

Adidas 3-Stripes II Soccer SockAdidas 3-Stripes II Soccer Sock is an ideal sock for playing soccer. Several national as well as international players prefer wearing Adidas 3-Stripes II Soccer Sock. This enables the player in facing any situation while the 90 minutes struggle is on. While playing soccer, the player has to go through several situations. Hence, with this appropriate sock, the player can succeed in playing a great soccer match. The knee high soccer socks covers up the toe, arch, ankle, calf and knee region appropriately. This prevents the player from any minor injury that can happen while playing. The fold over cuffing can help the player in adjusting the length of it. With Adidas 3-Stripes II Soccer Sock, the player would enjoy an ankle and arch compression. The arch and ankle being the delicate ones get greatly affected while playing. Adidas 3-Stripes II Soccer Sock is available in a wide range of colors. Hence the player can choose the desirable one. The soccer sock is 100% stretch nylon with a slight mixture of Lycra Spandex. Weighing at 8 ounces, Adidas 3-Stripes II Soccer Sock makes the player feel light. The top area of foot is flat knit in order to make the player feel better while playing. The footbed of Adidas 3-Stripes II Soccer Sock is cushioned in order to provide durability and comfort to the player. The brand mark of Adidas is clearly visible on the base of the feet as well. The cuff has three knit in stripes.


1. Adidas 3-Stripes II Soccer Sock is an appropriate soccer sock for players from all the age groups.


2. There are several colors that are available for Adidas 3-Stripes II Soccer Sock. Players can choose the desirable one for them.


3. The weight of Adidas 3-Stripes II Soccer Sock is just 8 ounces. Hence, this makes the sock feel light in weight while playing.


4. The soccer sock comes in knee high length. Hence it aids in covering every area right from toe to knee.


5. The soccer sock is made up of 100% nylon with a slight mixture of Lycra spandex.


6. The sock has knit in feature which gives great amount of relief on the upper area. The cushioning below the soccer ball gives appropriate cushioning to the soccer player.


There is no scope of disadvantage.


Adidas 3-Stripes II Soccer Sock is ideal enough to be chosen for playing soccer. Players can choose the desirable one and start with playing soccer.


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